Omi Foundation


The Omi Foundation’s motto is “Get In…. and Give Back..”

Steve Omi was a celebrated member of the Coeur d’Alene community, who passed away from cancer in 1994. In honor of Masters Swimmer Steve Omi’s life, the Steve Omi Foundation and the Open Water Memorial Swim was originally established to award scholarships to college bound swimmers. Under the Foundation’s charter the Memorial Swim continues as an annual event to raise funds for the 3rd Grade Swim Program in Kootenai County. This program is designed to teach 3rd graders safety in and around water. Statistics show that if a child has not learned to swim by this age they will never learn to swim. As Kootenai County is filled with many lakes and rivers, the foundation feels that helping children understand the perils of water is vital. Some children come with no water skills but leave with the ability to float, bob, knowing water safety rules, and many learn to swim.

Omi Board Members include those who knew Steve personally, and those who reflect the qualities and characteristics that he exhibited in his life. Steve Omi is best remembered for his inspirational leadership by example, his intelligence, his sense of responsibility and his loyalty. The Omi Foundation strives to follow his life’s example by “playing the hand that we have been dealt the best way possible.” (Steve Omi )

All proceeds from Omi Foundation events goes directly to schools to help with transportation costs to get to the 3rd Grade Swim program held at the Kroc Center. There are no paid positions. Each board member serves without compensation.

Please join us in by getting involved and giving back!